Do you need to transcribe an audio or video in its original language, and perhaps translate it as well? Have you written or translated a text and need someone to do a quality check? My expertise also extends to the field of editing and quality review! Using a proven methodology and specific parameters, texts are reviewed, corrected, and optimized for: semantics, syntax, spelling, lexicon, and register.


If you select the transcription service, a speech on an audio, video, or any other multimedia format can be converted into written text. The transcription can be provided in the same language as the source, or in a different language, combining transcription and translation services. Upon request, the transcription can be further adapted for use as subtitles.

Based on your specific needs, it’s possible to choose from:

  • Language Editing (Comparing the translation with the original text on a semantic level, verifying and correcting spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and making any needed improvements to the translated text.)
  • Specialist editing (Verifying the correctness and suitability of JUST the translated text. Checking spelling, syntax, punctuation, and grammar, as well as pinpointing possible areas where the text can undergo fine-tuning as far as lexicon, style, and/or register, with respect to pre-established textual and lexical conventions.)
  • Proofreading (Checking the text for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.)

Thanks to collaboration with other experienced colleagues, these services are available not only in English, but in Italian, German, and French as well!